23 April 2019

SPF Seniorerna Järfälla have chosen Bridgetime

We welcome the SPF Seniorerna bridge club in Järfälla as customers of Bridgetime! The club has decided to use both Bridgetime Score and Bridgetime Pay. The response from members has been positive. One of the things they particularly like is that they can see board results and positions between rounds.

20 June 2018

Västerträffen writes about Bridgetime

Västerträffen bridge club in Gothenburg started playing its Thursday tournaments with Bridgetime Score in the spring. They have between 10 and 12 tables. On its website, Västerträffen writes:

“We have now switched from the previous manual reporting system for contracts and results (...) to a web-based system in which we report contracts and results on a tablet at each table. This also gives all players information on their progress round by round. After the end of the tournament, we get result reports showing details of final contracts, boards and results and information on individual contracts. There is also a running points league that shows total points.”

15 December 2017

IMP across the field in a team games with Bridgetime Score

Bridgetime Score now also supports different types of IMP across the field in a team game such as team league games and Swiss team tournaments. The tournaments may be played with or without handicap. 

It is just as easy to play an IMP across the field in a team as a pair tournament with Bridgetime Score. Registration of contracts, opening leads and results is the same for the two types of game. North keeps a record on the tablet, and east or west confirms. Bridgetime Score then calculates the match results immediately after the match finishes. Players can easily scroll through the match protocol in both open and closed rooms, immediately after the match, board by board, and see won/lost IMP and VP match results without any manual calculation.

All results are included. IMP across the field, IAF players and IAF teams are published on the web when the match is over and can be analysed in peace at home.

20 February 2017

Cashless purchases in the cafeteria

In line with the cashless management of tournament fees, we have now also developed cashless management of sales of coffee, etc. Members buy what they want on a tablet by clicking a product, which is displayed with a photo and a price. The member’s club account is debited automatically and the member can see their purchases in their club account.

5 December 2016

Växjöbridgen is the first to use Bridgetime Pay

Växjöbridgen no longer needs to use cash at its club. Cash management is labour-intensive and a security risk for the club. Växjöbridgen is the first to choose Bridgetime Pay, a web-based system for cashless management. Read more about Bridgetime Pay

15 January 2015

Responsive design

The development of Bridgetime Score continues. Bridgetime Score, which is a cloud service, is developed with the new web design technology: responsive web design. The fact that the design is responsive means that Bridgetime’s graphical interface and text are adapted in size and design to the resolution of the screen used by the user (a tablet or a PC).

10 June 2013

Bridgetime Score being trialled

Bridgetime Systems AB was founded in January 2012. At the same time, development of Bridgetime Score began. A prototype of Bridgetime Score was developed in the form of PowerPoint slides that were presented to several bridge clubs to get feedback from the clubs. The clubs’ very positive response meant that we decided to develop Bridgetime Score into a modern web-based tournament system. Bridgetime is also designed to function as a simple yet efficient system for club administration.

The first trials of Bridgetime Score in Sweden were held in the 2013 playing season. Tournaments were held at various bridge clubs and all the clubs were very enthusiastic about playing with Bridgetime Score. “This is the system of the future”, as one player put it.

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Many different types of game

Bridgetime Score supports pairs and team tournaments, barometer scoring, team leagues and Swiss teams and pairs and IMP across the field in a team for pairs.
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Cashless management of game fees

Bridgetime Pay gives clubs cashless management of game fees. Every member has a club account and can follow their transactions on the club’s website.
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